Why MPCT Hospital?


All we do is care

MPCT hospital is among India’s foremost healthcare centers, providing world-class treatments across a spectrum of specialties. Our treatment approach keeps the patient in focus, with sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic services that meet the highest standard of excellence. We value technological intelligence, resulting in the use of cutting-edge equipment for each procedure conducted in our healthcare facility. The highly-skilled specialists at MPCT believe in continuously enhancing the treatments we provide, by accommodating the latest advancements in the field, for unparalleled healthcare across borders. We strive towards making the finest medical care accessible to everyone, efficiently giving each patient the highest chance of success.

Highly skilled experts

Each of the specialists in our renowned hospital is an expert possessing exquisite skill and technique, for supreme treatments that meet the patients’ expectations, keeping their goals in mind at every step of the way. With their own set of merits, each specialist offers unique healthcare. Experience outstanding treatments conducted with finesse, from experts in the industry, giving you comprehensive healthcare of the highest quality to achieve positive outcomes for the maximum patients.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Each element in our top-notch hospital is designed strategically, for efficient diagnosis and treatment for the patients walking through our doors. The framework allows enables well lit and ventilated areas, right from spacious out-patient clinics to well-planned rooms and nurse stations. With cutting-edge technology, our healthcare facility houses all the equipment required to treat each patient, allowing for excellent medical services under one roof.

Patient-oriented environment

At MPCT, patients always come first. We treat each patient with respect, dignity, and compassion, keeping them informed and comfortable at each step of the way. We empower them with a healing environment that relives both, patients and their family, of the pain, difficulties, concern, and stress felt during the treatment. The spacious and soothing environment in our top-notch infrastructure allows for natural light and ventilation that keeps patients comfortable throughout.

Multi-disciplinary healthcare

The services at MPCT extend across a diverse range of specialties, setting high standards of excellence in each discipline. Our expertise allows for simple to complex procedures to be conducted diligently. The highly-skilled specialists in our center of excellence, work together as a team, to extend quality healthcare to patients, giving them the highest chance of achieving a positive outcome, whether in neurology, oncology, orthopedics, or more.

Personalized treatments

We believe that each patient is unique, and so are the medical conditions they face. A stark difference from the one-size-fits-all ideology, we believe in providing personalized treatments to each patient, that is tailored to their specific conditions. Our experts diagnose each patient and understand their goals, after which they craft a personalized treatment plan that maps out every step of their holistic treatment.

Cost-effective services

It is our belief that high-quality healthcare is not a privilege, but a right, and focus on making excellent healthcare accessible to each patient requiring medical intervention, at the most cost-effective price possible. Our treatments and services are budget-friendly, making MPCT hospital sought out by patients from around the world, for the perfect blend of excellence and affordability.


What our happy clients say

It was a fantastic experience during the Executive Health Check-up and Well Woman Check-up for my wife! The staffs were very helpful and efficient. We hardly had to wait for any of the tests. The place was impeccably clean and no smell of the typical hospital. I would recommend this hospital.

Sujit Waghmare

In three months the ankylosing spondylitis improved by 30 %. The pain and stiffness of joints reduced considerably. I was unable to walk earlier, I would stoop. Now, I can move about freely. The severe crisis of my life is over. I am overwhelmed with the amazing difference provided by the doctors in MPCT Hospital.

Riya Mitra

"Great care from all. The staff very attentive and caring to provide the best service. Doing the best to get your health looked after. It has been the best hospital I have been to in my life. There was no delay in reports, even for my full body master health checkup. The aftercare was amazing - best cup of tea ever! Thank you."

Atul Deshmukh

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