Wards & Rooms

Wards and Rooms

At MPCT Hospital, we value privacy, cleanliness, and hygiene, ensuring that each ward and room in our hospital provides a safe and healthy environment for patients to recover in. MPCT hospital provides a variety of wards and rooms for both, patients, as well as their caregivers.

Multiple Sharing

Our multi-bed rooms are 4 to 5 bedded units in each room. We ensure that each room is clean and spacious, taking away from a claustrophobic atmosphere. Each bed is enclosed within curtains, to maintain privacy, with steps taken, such as natural sunlight, dedicated wardrobes, and televisions in every room, to allow for patient comfort.

Twin Sharing

Each twin sharing room is a common accommodation for two patients. With measures such as curtains and gender-specific allotment of rooms, we ensure complete safety and privacy of patients. Each twin room houses a TV, bathroom, and wardrobe, as well as basic amenities for patients. A single accompaniment bed is provided to each patient for caregivers.


Our well-furnished deluxe room houses one patient bed along with a single attendant bed, intended for complete privacy of the patient. Each room has ample space for mobility of patients, as well as large windows for plenty of natural light to seep in. The rooms are also equipped with a TV, attached bathroom, and other amenities for maximum patient comfort.


Our luxurious suite offers superior privacy and comfort to both, patients and attendants. A large floor area allows for patient mobility and rehabilitation, while also providing a conducive environment to relax and recover. Each room has large windows for optimal natural lighting, as well as facilities such as a private bathroom, TV, fridge, and more.

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