Total Knee Replacement

What is Total Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement is conducted when the Knee Joint is damaged due to arthritis or injury. Components of the knee are replaced by inorganic items such as metal or high-grade plastic, depending on the severity and type of condition.

What is the purpose of Total Knee Replacement?

In many cases, the knee can be so severely damaged that physical therapy and medication may fail to help. In such a case, a total knee replacement treatment is incredibly effective in restoring quality of life of the patient and alleviating the issue.

What is the procedure of Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Total Knee Replacement is only recommended when no other treatment is effective. This generally follows precautions before, during and after the procedure.

  • Before
  • During
  • After

The orthopedic surgeon first conducts an evaluation to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure successfully. You may also be evaluated by a cardiologist if you have a present heart condition. Make sure to prepare yourself for recovery after the procedure, by taking off from any work, and installing supports and safety rails if possible, in your home

What are the benefits of Total Knee Replacement?

There are various Total Knee Replacement advantages, especially in cases where patients have a drastically decreased quality of life.

  • Allows patients to walk and exercise as normal
  • Relieves constant knee pain
  • Gets rid of knee inflammation
  • Can treat knee deformities
  • Go-to option when other treatments don’t work

What are the risks of Total Knee Replacement?

When knee replacement operation is performed by an expert, the risks of Total Knee Replacement Surgery are drastically reduced. However the surgery does pose some risks

  • Infection
  • Blood clots/ Embolism
  • Post operative stiffness
  • Implant loosening

How Much Does Knee Replacement Surgery Costs?

Total Knee Replacement cost depends on the exact replacements to be made. An orthopedic surgeon must evaluate your condition and recommend the necessary treatment, after which an estimated cost can be calculated.


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