Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy

Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy

Often, chronic anal fissures may not heal even after medication. In this case, surgery effectively treats the pain and uncomfortable symptoms associated with anal fissures. Many patients have benefitted from Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy treatment in Mumbai, India, and have found their quality of life to be alleviated after the procedure, with the condition rarely reoccurring when patients follow appropriate after-care measures.

What is Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy for Fissure Treatment?

Anal Fissures generally do not heal as the sphincter, which is the group of muscles surrounding the anal opening, generates spasms which cut off the supply of blood to the fissure, preventing or delaying the healing process. During the surgery for fissures, a small cut is made in the Sphincter Muscle to prevent spasms from occurring and promote better blood flow and healing. This increased blood flow allows the fissure to heal by itself, after Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy or fissure surgery in Mumbai, India.

Who can opt for Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy?

A Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy is recommended to patients who:

  • Suffer from chronic anal fissures
  • Are unable to successfully be treated by other methods
  • Require other anorectal procedures to be performed alongside
  • Experience severe muscle spasms in the Sphincter

What are the advantages of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy?

There are a number of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy benefits for patients

  • Used as a last resort, when other methods have failed to work
  • Higher success than medication
  • Recovery from the surgery is quick
  • Lesser cases of reoccurrence
  • Can be conducted as an outpatient surgery

What are the risks of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy?

There are a few Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy risks that patients should consider before treatment.

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Incontinence
  • Infection

What is the process of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy for Fissure Treatment?

  • Initial Consultation
  • Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy surgery
  • Aftercare and checkups

During the initial consultation, our specialist analyses your medical records and evaluates your condition, in order to determine if you are a candidate for Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy in Mumbai, India.

What is the cost of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy?

The cost of Lateral Internal Sphincterotomysurgery typically depends on the complexity of your surgery and severity of the condition. After our specialist evaluates your health and condition, a treatment plan is crafted, based on which an approximate cost Lateral Internal Sphincterotomysurgerycan be calculated. Get in touch with our experts for an evaluation and estimated Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy cost in Mumbai, India

Why choose MPCT Hospital?

The team of the proctologist at MPCT Hospital provides world-class treatment for piles and fissure in Mumbai. Adept at diagnosing and treating the various issues related to colorectal medical conditions. With the best success rate in treating fissures over the years, Colorectal Surgeon are well known for their unique approach integrating ancient knowledge with modern techniques. Our state-of-the-art center for colorectal surgeries has advanced technology that ensures each patient has a positive outcome. With a strong focus on proving ethical and safe treatments for all, we recommend the best treatment for your condition. Get in touch with our healthcare team to evaluate & discuss possible treatment options for Fissures.

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