Laser Hemorrhoidectomy or Laser Piles Surgery

Laser Hemorrhoidectomy or Laser Piles Surgery

The number of patients seeking treatments for Piles Surgery has steadily increased in the past years, due to more awareness about the disorder. This has also led to a number of advancements in the industry, which prioritize patient comfort. There are a number of procedures that effectively cure Piles without causing much discomfort to the patient, one of which is Laser Hemorrhoidectomy or Laser Piles Surgery in Mumbai, India, which has proven to have incredible success rates.

What is Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

During a Laser Piles Surgery, laser beams are delivered directly to the hemorrhoids, in order to shrink them. Hemorrhoids have increased blood supply that essentially prevents shrinkage. The energy, which is directly delivered to the sub-mucosal hemorrhoidal nodes reduce the blood supply to the hemorrhoids and subsequently shrink them. As this directly targets the growths from the inside, there is a lesser chance of reoccurrence, and also keeps the patient feeling comfortable during treatment, as there no pain felt.

Who can opt for Laser Hemorrhoidectomy or Laser Piles Surgery?

Laser Piles Surgery is typically recommended to patients who:

  • Suffer from chronic Piles
  • Have tried other forms of treatment without success
  • May suffer complications with surgery
  • Wish to undergo a painless treatment
  • Are at risk of Prolapse or recurrence

What are the advantages of Laser Piles treatment or Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

There are numerous Laser Piles treatment benefits for patients:

  • Painless procedure
  • No downtime required after the treatment
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Quick procedure
  • Performed as a day-care procedure
  • No chances of incontinence

What are the risks of Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

There are a few Laser Hemorrhoidectomy risks that patients should be aware of:

  • Requires surgical measures in case of bleeding
  • The expert must be trained in the procedure
  • Costlier than other treatments

What is the process of Laser Piles Surgery?

  • Initial Consultation
  • Laser Hemorrhoidectomy (Piles) Surgery
  • Aftercare and checkups

During your initial consultation for Laser Piles treatment in Mumbai, India, the specialist evaluates your condition and health and declares if you are a candidate for the treatment. A treatment plan is then crafted, personalized to your case.

What is the cost of Laser piles treatment or Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

The specialist first analyses your condition and prescribes an appropriate treatment plan, based on which an appropriate Laser Hemorrhoidectomycost in Mumbai, India can be calculated. Get in touch with our experts for an estimated treatment plan and cost of Laser Piles Treatment.

Why MPCT Hospital?

MPCT Hospital has industry expert who are successfully conducting a number of Laser Piles Surgery procedures for patients coming from across the world, over the years. Specially trained and certified in using advanced technology, our experienced proctologist can accurately perform procedures for a safe treatment. MPCT Hospital is the best for Piles Surgery In Mumbai, well known for its integration of ancient and modern techniques in fistula and piles with a special focus on achieving a positive outcome at every step of the way. Consult our colorectal surgeons for a comprehensive Piles treatment in Mumbai, India.

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