CT Scan

What is a CT Scan?

CT Scan is an advanced imaging technology that offers an unparalleled medical diagnosis of a variety of conditions. The technology is non-invasive and precise, offering a complete 3D visual representation of a patient’s body in minutes. The CT Scan offers multiple angles and dimensions to view organs, allowing for efficient diagnosis. This technology provides an accurate diagnosis in a quick time-frame, making it one of the most reliable diagnostic imaging technology, today.

Why is the CT Scan unique?

A CT Scan uses narrow X-ray beam that circles around the body, to produce high-quality images, by placing cross-sectional pictures of your body, on the top of each other, to produce a detailed view of your organs, bones, and blood vessels. This allows for an in-depth analysis of the structures in your body, producing more details that an X-Ray.

What is the purpose of a CT Scan?

The CT Scan can be used to diagnose blockages or plaques in the arteries, offering a multi-dimensional view of the heart and other organs. CT Scans also help detect the presence of cancer, blood clots, complex bone fractures, and more. A CT Scan ensures that patients do not have to undergo invasive procedures for a diagnosis of their condition.

What is the process of CT Scan?

  • Before
  • During
  • After

The doctor may advise you to fast before the procedure, depending on the scan. Make sure to take off any valuables and metal items at home or before entering the procedure room. Check the reporting time for the procedure.

What are the benefits of a CT Scan?

A CT Scan effectively diagnoses a variety of conditions faced by patients, with the benefits far outweighing the risks.

  • Gives a detailed view of the structures in the body
  • Produces high-quality images
  • The dosage of radiation is minimal
  • Shows a multi-angled view of the targeted organs or tissue
  • Non-invasive procedure for efficient diagnosis

What is a CT Scan?

Though the CT Scan is a fairly safe procedure, it does come with certain risks which patients must be aware of.

  • Pregnant women are not advised to undergo the procedure
  • Allergy to contrast material
  • Radiation exposure in breastfeeding mothers

What is the cost of a CT Scan?

Before undergoing the procedure, it is essential for a doctor to conduct a preliminary checkup and recommend a CT Scan to diagnose your condition. Get in touch with our healthcare team for a checkup and estimated cost.


At MPCT hospital, we offer the highest standard of procedures, with advanced technology that promotes an accurate diagnosis. Our experts carry their years of experience to provide precision and guidance at every step along the way. With painless, non-invasive diagnostic equipment, patient care is at an optimum, ensuring comprehensive diagnosis and treatments under one roof.

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