Dr. Alok Dixit

Dr. Alok Dixit

Dr. Alok Dixit is a Nuclear Medicine Physician. Has Performed and managed several complex


  • MBBS
  • D.N.B(Bom) Nuclear medicine
  • M.N.A.M.S (Delhi)
  • R.S.O (BARC, Bom)

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Dr. Alok Dixit working as a Nuclear Medicine Physician and Molecular imaging expert, with experience of reporting more than 10,000 diagnostic PET- CT & General Nuclear medicine cases. Apart from Diagnostics, He also has a good experience in Theranostics (Therapy and diagnostic aspect of Nuclear medicine) of treating thyroid diseases like Hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease, AFTN, Toxic MNG) and performing Radionuclide Bone Pain Palliation Therapy for metastatic breast, prostate and lung cancers, Radiation Synovectomy for medically non responsive osteoarthritis etc & SIRT (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) for HCC & Multiple Hepatic Metastatic disease; based on latest international and national procedure guidelines.

Special interest

  • Whole body FDG PET-CT scan
  • Cerebral perfusion study
  • 131-I m IBG Scans neuroendocrine tumors
  • Lung ventilation-perfusion study
  • Hepato-biliary

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