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MPCT is the best radiation oncology center in Navi Mumbai, India, with the finest blend of cutting-edge technology and industry experts. Our team of highly skilled radiation oncologists, physicists, and medical dosimetrists work in cohesion to provide unparalleled treatments under one roof. With advanced technology such as Radiosurgery Suite, Integrated Brachytherapy Unit, Linear Accelerators (IGRT/ IMRT) etc, patients are assured of precise, safe treatments for cancer in the breast, reproductive organs, lung, head and neck, and more. Our best radiation oncologists in Navi Mumbai, India, constantly work towards researching and upgrading techniques and equipment used in the treatment of sarcoma, ocular melanoma, and malignant sarcoma, for improved quality of life.

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MPCT hospital houses the finest Radiation Oncology Division that helps in an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of various types and forms of cancer. Our experts craft treatment plans based on the diagnosis, which ensure that our time, expertise, and efforts are focused in the right direction, giving each patient the best possible outcome.

Our Treatment Approach

Being the best hospital for radiation oncology in Mumbai, our division works closely with oncologists, doctors, and surgeons across a spectrum of specialties, for a wholesome, comprehensive treatment for each patient. The infrastructure in our state-of-the-art facility is designed keeping comfort and safety in mind, right from the lighting, equipment, seats, and services provided, to ensure that patients feel relaxed and secure at every step of the way. Each specialist working on the case is trained extensively and certified according to international standards.

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The MPCT Hospital provides consultation with specialist, experienced surgeons who have the expertise and knowledge you would expect from a center of excellence, ensuring you are in safe hands.

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At MPCT Hospital, we are committed to making your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. We care for people from around Mumbai and around the world. We take every measure to ensure that patients and their families are comfortable, as well as confident in the fact that our experts use a team approach to deliver the most advanced care possible.

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“We would like to extend a note of gratitude for everything that has been done for our nephew, who served his country with unquestionable pride and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Your facility is quite impressive and the attention he received in helping him recover is outstanding. Our family is most grateful to be at MPCT Hospital. The staff has been most accommodating and attentive.”

Mamata Modi

After surgery and your treatment, I was completely cured within a month. I was privileged to have you as my Doctor and you diagnosed the problem a glance. You were very helpful and polite in all respects, and I am totally satisfied by the treatment.

Kaushal Pandit

The overall experience in the hospital is very well. The process follows all department in hospital very professional system and easy to information collect. Availability of advanced testing equipment makes the patients experience less painful.

Rushabh Modak

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