The Institute of Dermatology at MPCT hospital has earned us the name as the best dermatology hospital in Mumbai, with its commitment towards providing superior care to treat a range of basic to complex issues in skin, hair, and nails. Moreover, our expertise in the field extends to treating problems lying in mucous membranes, along with tackling sexually transmitted diseases. Our renowned specialists follow international standards and protocols providing safe and ethical treatments that give each patient the best chance of achieving a positive outcome. We use advanced equipment and technology, right from dermarollers and cryotherapy to treat each condition with accuracy and precision, leading to numerous patients flocking to our best dermatologists in Navi Mumbai, India for unparalleled healthcare.

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Each treatment in our best dermatology hospital in Navi Mumbai, India, encompasses steps that achieve the cosmetic, as well as therapeutic goals of doctors and patients, through highly skilled procedures and in-depth consultations, enabling the highest standard of care. The balance we strike between treatment and cosmetology is key to tackling a variety of issues.

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At MPCT Hospital, we offer the best dermatological care in Navi Mumbai, taking time to asses each patient’s condition and understand their treatment goals. We trace the issue right down to the root, building a foundation for each treatment, which ensures the highest chance of success. Quality plays a major role in each outpatient or inpatient case we treat, giving rise to technical expertise in treatments right from keloids to allergies, and hair fall, among many others.

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The MPCT Hospital provides consultation with specialist, experienced surgeons who have the expertise and knowledge you would expect from a center of excellence, ensuring you are in safe hands.

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At MPCT Hospital, we are committed to making your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. We care for people from around Mumbai and around the world. We take every measure to ensure that patients and their families are comfortable, as well as confident in the fact that our experts use a team approach to deliver the most advanced care possible.

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"Wonderful treatment for my mom! I have been here several times with my mom for her cancer problems and the staff is caring,attentive and knowledgeable! Met today with the with my mom and this Dr. is the most caring,informative and wonderful Dr. I have had the privileged of meeting. He spent so much time with mom explaining, talking, teaching and caring about her! This total organization is superior!"

Razeena Khan

“Thank you for providing me with a most perfect place to recover from total knee replacement surgery… I was so inspired by every single person I came in contact with. Each and every one took an interest in me and made me feel great. The words that come to mind when I look back at my week there are – inspirational, peaceful, caring, positive, professional, encouraging and friendly.”

Sandeep Ahuja

I really enjoyed my stay in MPCTHospital, the hospitality of everyone is really commendable. Everyone seems to be happy and committed to their work. From the doctors down to the cleaners I cannot fault anyone because they have really been wonderful.All the staff and nursing staff provided required patient help. They always taken care during our admission time. Canteen staff also provides good lunch & dinner.

Boman Wadia

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