Plan your trip

Plan your trip

At MPCT Hospital, we are aware that medical treatments can be mentally and physically demanding for patients, especially those traveling across countries. Hence, we ensure that your trip is made the least stressful, by mapping out your entire treatment process, so you are prepared at all times. Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible, so you can return to your country, hale and hearty, with a smile on your face.


Analysis of medical history and current reports

The first step of your journey involves sending us a consultation request and sharing your medical documents with our international patient coordinator. Once your request is received, our team of healthcare consultants analyzes your documents to find the cause of your condition, and discuss possible treatment options. These options are discussed with doctors of various departments, to determine the best treatment for your particular case.


Online Consultation

We schedule an online consultation with the concerned physician, who thoroughly explains your medical condition and maps out your treatment process, for better understanding. You can choose between opting for a phone or video call, depending on your preference. This is also the best chance to get all your queries resolved, so you have a clear idea of what the treatment entails.


Setting Travel Dates

You will be assigned a patient coordinator, who is your primary contact for the entire treatment. Once you set your travel dates and arrange your travel bookings, your patient coordinator takes care of the rest, right from local transport, appointments, hotel bookings (if required), and more. Sit back and relax, as our travel executive picks you up right from the airport and drops you off on your return date.


Complete assistance from start to finish

Our patient coordinator helps you right from the admission process, appointments, and treatment, to the time you are discharged. We ensure that you are not left alone for any part of the treatment, and assign a patient service representative to be with you at every step of the way. Post discharge, your doctor will inform you of any post-treatment care and followup appointments, if required.

Documentation Assistance

Documentation Assistance

Any medical treatment requires a set of documentation to be taken care of. We are aware that each country has its own set of policies, due to which you may feel confused about the documentation process in India. We help you with all the preliminaries and documentation required, so you don’t have to stress out, and can focus on your recovery. Post discharge, our representative drops you to the airport.

Following up<

Following up

Not all treatments require a physical follow up post the procedure. Once you go home, we conduct follow-ups through phone or video chat, which is easy and can be done from anywhere. Additionally, our healthcare team is available at all times by phone, video, or email, to answer any questions you may have.

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