Watch: Young Zoya is now lighter, happier after obesity battle

8-year-old, who became youngest Indian to undergo bariatric surgery in 2011, loses 9 kg after revision op, regaining mobility.

Zoya Khan, who has suffered from obesity-linked health complications since she was 11 months old, will step out of a hospital unassisted for the first time in years on Tuesday after recovering from a revision bariatric surgery.

The operation, performed in December last year, has helped the eight-year-old from Santacruz lose 9 kg. More importantly, it has given her mobility and freedom from breathing difficulty and sleep apnoea. Her first goal after discharge from MPCT Hospital, Navi Mumbai, is to join a school and make friends, simple joys that seemed almost impossible three months ago when she weighed 40 kg and could barely move.

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