Surana group of hospitals at Chembur & Malad to launch revolutionary 4th generation ‘Absorb’ dissolvable stents for complex cardiac procedure in Mumbai

Mumbai : In a major global break through, Surana Group of Hospitals will be one of the first few in Mumbai to launch revolutionary 4th Generation ‘Absorb’ dissolvable stents for complex cardiac procedures at their Chembur and Malad hospitals.

For first 25 patients, this surgery will be performed free of hospital cost & doctor fees, up to 31st December 2012. The cost of dissolvable stents & consumables only will have to be borne by patients and that too at a very reasonable cost, making it most cost effective amongst other hospitals in Mumbai.

This dissolvable stent also known as bio-absorbable stent is the latest 4th generation evolution in the history of complex angioplasty procedures. In the era of mid-1970s, balloons were uses in angioplasty for widening of a narrowed or totally obstructed blood vessels. Then, in early 1990s, plain metal stents were introduced. In 2001, medicated stents were introduced, which would release drugs in the affected blood vessel over a period of time.

Now, in a dawning of new era, stated well known cardiologist Dr.V.T.Shah, from 1st generation balloons, we have arrived at 4th generation dissolvable stents. In fact, this biological dissolvable device is better called as scaffolding since it gets dissolved in the body in a period of 1.50 to 2 years. The biggest advantage of dissolvable stents will be that patients need to take two blood thinning (anti platelet) medicines till the scaffolding dissolves and thereafter patients need to take only one blood thinning medicine for two years. This will reduce high risk of bleeding and other complications of antiplatelet therapy. Moreover, if needed in future, the patient can undergo repeat procedure of angioplasty or even cardiac bypass surgery. This is the best invention for younger cardiac patients who require treatments in their 30s & 40s.

There are already four cases have been lined up with Surana Hospitlas for angioplasty with ‘Absorb’ dissolvable stent (scaffold). First patient was operated on 20th December 2012 by Dr. V.T. Shah at Surana Sethia Hospital, Chembur in the morning.

According to Dr. Prince Surana, Director of Surana Group, there are several advantages of this new procedure. After dissolving of scaffold, the artery can stay open on its own in a more natural state improving its long term outcome & prognosis. As no metal stent remains in the vessel, lowest risk of long term complications associated with permanent stent implantation. It broadens future treatments & diagnostic options, including re-intervention options. With no metal remaining inside, it permits use of non-invasive imaging techniques, such as CCTA5, in future, if needed. It may also reduce need for long term Dual Anti Platelet Therapy.

Chairman CA Shri D.C. Surana stated that as the cost of treatment is high being new invention, we shall periodically introduce various schemes to make it more affordable for even middleclass population. As a part of this initiative, first 25 cases will be treated where patients pay only for cost of dissolvable stent & consumables. The management reserves its right to amend, alter etc. this scheme at any point of time.

Surana Group has established some of the most highly innovative and rigorous academic programs available today, incorporating the medical expertise in engineering and technology into traditional Hospitality

.The Surana Hospital and Research Center is home to one of the City’s leading centers for Cardiac Catheterization (Angioplasties) BY PASS surgery Knee Replacements & Hip Replacements. Excellence in Women’s Health by the Department of Health & Human Services, and is highly respected in numerous other specialties including autism, Neurology, minimally invasive surgery, and Urology.

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