Lab Tests & Diagnostics

The quality of your diagnosis determines the quality of your treatment. Knowing is the first step to battling conditions, which is made possible by our state-of-the-art diagnostic center. Right from lab tests to radiology tests our renowned diagnostic center is adept at providing a precise, accurate diagnosis of a range of simple to complex conditions afflicting patients, today. We prioritize your health, ensuring that each diagnostic procedure is conducted with the highest level of safety and ethics, with the standards and protocols of safety being kept in mind at every step of the way. Our highly skilled technical staff has undergone extensive training, to ensure that each procedure is conducted with precision, minimizing any complications and furthering an excellent diagnosis. Early detection or diagnosis of conditions can help save lives, and we, at MPCT, take every step to ensure that we do what’s best for your health, with informed decisions based on the insight received from the tests conducted in our world-class diagnostic center.

Lab Tests

Lab tests examine a sample of blood, urine, or tissue from your body, to diagnose suspected diseases or health conditions. A lab technician collects the required sample, which is analyzed by efficient physicians. The generated report specifies if the result falls within a specified range or if a particular substance is present in the sample or not. Some lab tests precisely indicate certain health conditions, whereas others clue your doctor in on possible conditions which must be further investigated

Radiology Tests

Radiology tests give physicians a look at the structures within your body. Common Radiology tests such as X-Ray, CT Scan, PET Scan, MRI, etc. perform different functions, depending on the organ, as well as suspected condition to be diagnosed. By analyzing the results of the tests, the radiologist can diagnose diseases such as breast cancer, heart ailments, etc., and measure the body’s response to treatments.

Other Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are effective in diagnosing conditions or diseases, by identifying specific areas of weakness in the body. This gives physicians a clue on the larger picture, allowing for an accurate diagnosis. This can be done by collecting a blood or tissue sample, or through external technology such as CT scans, ECG, etc. Some of the diseases diagnosed are cervical cancer, Hepatitis B, or Dengue.

Advanced Tests

Some diseases are far harder to trace than others, requiring the use of advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment, which can trace conditions to the root and detect the presence of abnormalities. Various genetic conditions, immuno-deficiencies, rare cancer strains, and more are detected with our range of advanced tests that help in the prevention and treatment of life-threatening diseases.

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