International Patients FAQs

Why should I choose MPCT hospital?

The services at MPCT Hospital are sought after by numerous patients traveling to Mumbai from across the globe, to avail our world class services. With renowned experts, compassionate patient services and unparalleled treatments, personalized for each patient, we ensure positive outcomes and safe treatments, using cutting-edge technology.

How do international patients communicate with doctors and medical staff?

Each international patient is assigned a patient coordinator, who remains the primary point of contact at all times. The patient coordinator schedules consultations with the doctor who works on your case, and arranges for transportation, accommodations, representatives etc. required during your trip. In case you have trouble communicating in English, we can also assign an interpreter for easier communication.

Is it difficult to get a visa for medical treatment?

It is quite easy to get a visa for your medical treatment in India. Medical tourism is highly prevalent and encouraged in India, with the government offering various schemes to extend Medical Visa to patients traveling to India for their treatment. Our international patient coordinator guides you on the process of applying for the visa, as well as its charges, which are reasonable.

What facilities do you offer to international patients?

We offer the following treatment facilities to international patients:

  • Comprehensive treatment packages
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Visa assistance
  • Interpreter services
  • Patient coordinator from start to finish
  • Ambulance services

You can get in touch with our international patient desk or coordinator to know more about services for international patients.

How soon am I expected to land in Mumbai before the treatment and leave after discharge?

Though it would depend on the exact treatment required to treat your ailment, we advise patients to arrive 2-3 days before the treatment starts, for any preliminary tests and to get a feel of the city. Once you are discharged, it is recommended to remain in the city for 1-2 days for a good recovery and check-ups, after which you can fly to your country.

Are there follow up consultations?

Our team is available by phone or email at all times, to resolve your queries. Alternatively, you can also schedule an online consultation with the physician, if needed.

What important documents should international patients carry with them?

Make sure to carry all your past medical records, including treatments and diagnostic tests. Additionally, an appropriate ID and banking documents along with your traveling documents are vital as well.

Where is MPCT hospital located? How do I travel there?

MPCT hospital is located in Mumbai, India, which is a metropolitan city with a large international airport that houses major airlines flying to almost every city in the world. Our international patient coordinator guides you through the process of planning your trip, as well as travel within the city. We help you with everything, right from hotel recommendations for outpatients, to transport and places to visit in Mumbai, etc.

Are there any sightseeing spots for me to visit in Mumbai and India?

India has numerous tourist destinations that visitors from countries across the world visit to explore. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and has a rich historic past with multiple tourist attractions to visit. Our international patient coordinators can help you plan your visit and help with arrangements.

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