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Regardless of country or age, every patient deserves the best chance at optimal health. At MPCT Hospital, we focus on providing a comprehensive treatment, which results in fitter, healthier, and happier patients that regain the spring in their step. Experience the magic of unparalleled treatments that focus on restoring your quality of life.

MPCT Hospital sees numerous patients from countries across the globe walk through their doors, each day, seeking treatment for a spectrum of simple to complex conditions. Our holistic treatments aim at overall care to restore health to each patient, focusing on diligent, compassionate care and procedures that meet the highest standard of excellence.

The patient coordinators at MPCT Hospital are available at all times, to resolve any queries you may have. Our international patient services guide you every step of the way, right from travel to accommodation, and beyond, working as your point of contact throughout the treatment. Fill the contact form below, to get in touch with one of our international representatives.

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Medical Expertise

Each specialist in our state-of-the-art facility is an asset to our team of doctors, providing a high degree of industry experience and skilled services at every step of the way. Experience excellent care, firsthand from trained experts.

Cutting-edge Technology

We, at MPCT Hospital, constantly upgrade the equipment in our facility, to accommodate the best. Our seamless blend of trained experts and cutting-edge technology allows for precision and safety throughout your treatment.

Cost-effective Options

Our treatments focus on providing each patient with the highest quality of treatments, While still being as cost-effective as possible. Avail personalized treatments, tailored to fit your condition, without the need to compromise on your set budget.

Comprehensive Care

At MPCT Hospital, the international patient coordinator handles each aspect of your treatment journey. We aim at making you as comfortable as possible, with compassionate and transparent care, and fulfill any additional requests you may have.

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What our patients say about us

Patient experiences are of utmost importance to us, with every step taken to ensure that patients are informed and comfortable during their treatment. Our happy patients stand testimony to the world-class healthcare offered at MPCT Hospital.

I came in this MPCT Hospital in Mumbai, India because I had problems with both my knees, it was so bad that I hardly walk, so the doctors said that they have to change my knees, which I did accept. By the grace of God the surgery was very successful. The services are very good and they are caring, especially the doctors.

Mike Lallana

My general experience about MPCT Hospital was amazing, considering the fact that I came alone from Philippines. The hospital is well organized and treats patients with dignity and respect. The staff is warm and caring (despite their language barrier in communication). It counts so much when you are worried and not well. Thank You

David Sato

I am from Ireland and I was treated in MPCT and I feel the staff and the treatment was very good. If I ever speak to any one I will definitely recommended MPCT hospital. Because I feel the staff was very helpful and trustworthy and the doctor was very helpful and well spoken in English. I was very happy with the treatment I was given.

Conor Rooney

Virtual Consultation

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International Patients FAQs

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