Since its launch, MPCT hospital has consistently set standards of excellent healthcare across the world. A major credit of this achievement goes to its strategic infrastructure that houses renowned centers specializing in varied disciplines, such as Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Pediatrics, and more, under one roof. The layout of each specialty within our center of excellence allows it to function as an independent unit, while still having the freedom to collaborate with others on complex cases that require multi-disciplinary treatment. The spacious premises at MPCT provide an optimal healing environment to patients, enabling healthcare of the highest standards of excellence.

Patient-centric design

The architectural model revolves around heightening patient comfort and providing each one with timely, emergent care. The layout is designed around improved patient comfort, allowing for easier navigation to various departments for patients and their caregivers. This ensures that patients can concentrate on being treated without any added stress.

Environment of comfort

Right from the light to the space in each room, patients comfort is a huge factor in our infrastructure. The placement of the rooms and waiting areas maintain a visual connection with the outside environment for optimal physical orientation. Each room lets in natural sunlight, with plenty of ventilation and space, keeping patients comfortable and giving them the highest chance of success.

World class technology

At MPCT, we use cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment to treat each patient, allowing for safety and ethics at every step of the way. We constantly upgrade our technology to accommodate the advancements in the industry, enabling precision, patient comfort, and personalization while treating patients, giving them comprehensive care that nurtures success.

Superior out-patient facilities

The out-patient facilities in our renowned hospital give each patient the highest sense of comfort, allowing for a seamless treatment and consultation. Our waiting rooms are spacious, with a view of the natural environment, making waiting times easier and comfortable for patients. Our out-patient unit gives both, patients and caregivers a swift, relaxing treatment.

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