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Not all procedures require an overnight stay in the hospital, for which, MPCT hospital provides an elaborate daycare facility. Patients availing minor surgeries or procedures, chemotherapy, preventative health programs, endoscopy, and particular forms of outpatient therapy can undergo treatment in the day care center, and be sent home for recovery and rest. Our surgical day care unit efficiently allows for timely admission, treatment, and discharge.

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Treatments offered in our daycare center

We believe that hospitalization can be avoided in many cases, allowing patients to go back to their daily life hours after the treatment. Our quick and efficient procedures promote smooth recovery, enabling patients to go home in good health.


Depending on the type and complexity of surgery, patients may require overnight hospitalization (in-patient), whereas others may only require a few hours of monitoring in the hospital, after which they can return home to recover completely (day-care). This is heavily depending on the severity of your condition and type of surgery.


Chemotherapy can take its toll on the body but does not necessarily require overnight hospitalization. At MPCT, we provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients undergoing their chemotherapy sessions. Our support staff consisting of nurses and physicians is available at all times, to monitor patients and answer any questions they may have on treatment, dosage, or after-care.

Outpatient Dialysis

Our dialysis center has a homely environment, to ensure that patients undergoing dialysis are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We use cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to allow for online monitoring and real-time tracking of patients. The support staff at the center consists of efficient nephrologists, registered nurses, dialysis technicians, and more, who ensure that all patients’ queries are resolved.


The Endoscopy Unit at MPCT Hospital involves procedures used to examine the stomach and digestive system. This helps in diagnosing disorders such as ulcers, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), as well as abnormalities in the pancreas, among others. Our specialized services are efficiently conducted by an experienced team of nurses and physicians round-the-clock.

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