Critical Care Units

Critical Care Units

Our critical care team consists of highly efficient surgeons, anesthesiologists, critical care nurses, and respiratory therapists, committed towards administering the highest level of care and creating miracles. Our critical care units house cutting-edge technology and equipment, designed for accuracy and precision at every step, along with strict monitoring that doesn’t miss a beat.

What we offer

Highly trained experts

Each physician treating you, right from anesthesiologists to surgeons, and more, is trained to work on the most complex of cases, with safe, consistent care that maintains excellence.

Technological superiority

We use advanced technology that promotes precision and safety at every step, leading to comprehensive care that gives each patient the highest chance of a positive outcome.

1:1 patient nurse ratio

Patients in critical care require strict monitoring, which results in our 1:1 nurse-patient ratio, ensuring that nothing slips by, enabling each patient to receive care of the highest standard.

Stringent care

Each person working on your case must follow a strict list of protocols at every step of the way, with a strict focus on measuring the impact of care provided.

Highly-skilled intensivists with years of expertise

Each intensivist in our critical care unit has gone through intensive, specialized training to perform their duty, keeping in mind safety protocols and unfailing instinct. With board-certified accreditations and training, we ensure precise techniques and swift decision making that are essential in critical care. At MPCT hospital, we focus on high-quality, patient-oriented treatments, with intensivists showing competency in not only treating patients, but also end-of-life decisions, estimated prognosis, counseling of patients, advance directives, and much more.

State-of-the-art infrastructure for critical care

Our comprehensive care is built on the foundation of streamlined processes that are followed to each minor detail, right from admission to discharge. Our first priority is the patient, ensuring that he/she is thoroughly explained the treatment, and consulted on major decisions regarding his/her health. If required, we provide after care transport and home check-up services. During the admission process, the patient is assessed first, to determine the urgent care needed. Our clinical practices are constantly updated according to protocol, with each dietary and medical plan having a strict record. Our technology is maintained and serviced regularly, according to industry standards.

Strict protocols for care of surpassed quality

Our infrastructure is planned and designed to ensure maximum efficiency in treatment and monitoring of patients. The atmosphere and environment maintains safety and comfort, to reduce the occurrences of ICU psychosis, and promote faster and efficient healing. The technology used is advanced, and allows for accurate treatments that maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency. Our equipment includes advanced ventilators, IAP monitors, and technology that promotes minimally-invasive treatments. We boast of the highest quality care, with each element in our state-of-the-art unit, perfectly planned for optimum execution.

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