Your Walkthrough to PET CT Scan

A PET CT scan is one of the most advanced technologies involved in the diagnosis of medical conditions such as types of Cancer, Heart Ailments, Brain Disorders, and TB. Though it may seem scary to some, a PET CT scan is a simple procedure for patients to undergo, being painless. If you’ve wondered what happens during a PET CT scan procedure, here is your complete walkthrough, right from the moment you walk through our doors, to your consultation and treatment.

What is a PET CT scan?

A common procedure in Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, PET CT scan helps in the diagnosis of certain conditions, as mentioned above, determining the spread of the disease, and testing the effectiveness of current treatment plans. The scan involves administering a radioactive tracer, which is a fraction of radioactive material mixed with glucose, which spreads throughout the body, to the tissues and organs. The radioactive tracer shows activity in areas where abnormal cells, such as cancer cells are present, allowing for conditions to be studied at a molecular level, allowing for an efficient and early diagnosis. This also enables a timely treatment, which has helped in saving numerous lives. A PET scan requires certain precautions to be followed for preparation, in order to get high quality, precise results.

A step-by-step guide to your PET CT scan

Knowing exactly what happens in each step of the PET CT scan allows for a comprehensive procedure where you are kept informed at every step of the way:

1. Initial consultation

On walking in, you will be greeted by our receptionist on the ground floor, who takes your preliminary details and allots you a certain time frame to wait. We then guide you to the PET scan department which is in the upper basement.

2. PET CT department

You will then be guided to our PET CT department, where a specialist first consults with you on your scan and analyzes the necessary medical reports. We specifically require you to undergo a creatinine test before the scan, as a creatinine level of 0.5-1.1 is necessary to clear you for PET CT scan. You can bring along results of a past creatinine test if it is taken 30 days prior to the scan, or we schedule a test for you in advance. It is also essential that you fast for 6 hours prior to the procedure, and do not take any medications for current medical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc. You must also avoid exercising 24 hours before the scan.

3. Change of clothes

We give you a set of freshly washed hospital clothes to wear during your PET CT scan. These will keep you comfortable and not interfere with the scan results.

4. Radioactive Tracer Injection

Our nurse injects the radioactive tracer, which is a mix of a small amount of radioactive medicine.

5. Isolation Room

The next step comprises of waiting in our isolation room, while the radioactive tracer spreads through your body, into the organs and tissues. As you have medicine in your body, we ensure that you are not kept in contact with other people. Our isolation room is built for maximum patient comfort, with various reading material and items present. You can choose to sit up, lie down, and relax. You may also carry some music to relax your mind before the scan. It takes roughly 30-50 minutes for the tracer to spread throughout the body.

6. PET CT Scanner Room

You are then led into the radiation room, where the PET CT scanner is present. After lying down on the scanning tray, it slowly enters the PET CT scan machine. This process only takes 10-15 minutes, and it quite quick. At our centre, we use the latest Discovery IQ technology with 5 rings. This advanced equipment yields accurate results with high quality imaging, along with ensuring patient comfort throughout, making it a quick scan along with a much lower dose of radiation required.

7. After care

You can eat as normal, an hour after the procedure. We have a cafeteria that serves healthy, delicious food available for all patients. Our nurse then removes the IV canula, after which you are free to return home and to normal activities. However, we advise the breastfeeding mothers only resume breastfeeding their child 24 hours after the procedure. Moreover, you are requested to maintain 1 meter distance from children and pregnant women for 12-24 hours post the PET CT scan.

8. Reports

Our specialist analyses your scans and interprets them to generate the result. On an urgent basis, scan results can be available the same evening. Normally, patients can collect their results within 24 hours itself.

9. Consultation with the doctor

Based on the results of your scan, you can choose to consult the efficient specialists at MPCT hospital. The experienced medical and surgical oncologists, radiotherapists, and more efficiently craft a treatment plan and conduct the appropriate treatment using their years of experience and cutting-edge technology.

MPCT hospital in Mumbai has a state-of-the-art PET scan department with advanced technology and highly-skilled specialists. We ensure that each patient is kept informed throughout the treatment, and treated with compassionate and caring services. Call 8898130721/ 8291861096 to book an appointment with us, for an accurate PET CT scan diagnosis that puts your safety and health first at every step.

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