Handy Tips for Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery – Some Tips

If you have decided to undergo Bariatric Surgery for the purpose of weight loss, it is a major decision. However, it is important to prepare yourself to some extent before going in for Weight Loss Surgery. Given below are some preparation tips that are important in reducing the overall stress associated with the bariatric surgery, help to save money, lower post-surgery complications, lose more weight successfully and manage the weight loss successfully after the surgery for a longer term.

Tip #1: Have realistic expectations

Do not dream of waking up super-thin after the surgery. Immediately after the surgery, the patient tends to be heavier due to some fluid collection. However, this will go away shortly. The bariatric surgery is nevertheless a powerful tool to keep off the weight. To derive complete success, other lifestyle changes that require effort on your part are essential.

Tip #2: Build a support network

Ensure that you have on your side a group of supporting caring people. Their reassurances go a long way in healing the surgery and improving your weight loss in the long run. Involve close members of the family and friends to help you keep up your morale and take care of you before, during and after the surgery.

Tip #3: Learn to handle mental issues appropriately

For many individuals, food is the coping mechanism they use to deal with stress. You will have to learn to break out of such habits to have successful outcomes after the bariatric surgery. Other addictions such as nicotine, caffeine or alcohol have no place in improving the outcomes of the weight loss surgery. Whereas caffeine increases calories, nicotine increases the chances of complications occurring after the surgery.

If you suffer from mental depression, you may find it difficult to focus on your goals. In such a case, ensure that you have mental specialists in your medical team who can help you to cope with such issues.

Tip #4: Change the way you think of food

Once you are ready for bariatric surgery, it is important to consider food as mere fuel that provides energy to the body. It will be useful to you if you observe how your body reacts to different food types that you ingest and the feelings that you have with varying quantities of food.
It is vital to eat mindfully and not tuck in food when you are distracted as when you are watching the TV. This makes you eat more than required. Eat slowly, enjoy every morsel and chew thoroughly. Stop eating to overcome or suppress emotions. Learn to recognize satiety after eating specific amounts.

Tip #5: Develop the habit of exercising regularly

If you have never been exercising, start a small routine that is easy on you at first. As an example, you may take short walks and do chair exercises. This will, however, make only a small difference. If there is any physical activity that you enjoy like dancing or Zumba make it a part of your physical routine. Frequency is more important than intensity in weight reduction. Increase time spent in exercise by adding a few minutes every day.

Tip #6: Commit to not gaining weight

It is important not to binge just before the surgery in anticipation of the changed lifestyle after the bariatric surgery and gain unnecessary weight prior to the surgery. You will have to be in the know of pre-surgery weight goals along with the members of your medical team.

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