How Small Lifestyle Changes Can Help To Prevent Kidney Stone.

Kidney Stones affect about 12% of people in the world and 50% of the affected suffer kidney complications in the future. The disease prevalence is increasing with women and young adults being the most affected. The urological disorder is characterized by the formation of stones in the ureter. Symptoms of kidney stones development include severe pain, blood in urine, vomiting, nausea, chills, and fever. Apart from chronic kidney conditions, stones are also associated with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal failure, and hypertension.

How small lifestyle changes can help to prevent kidney stone:

  1. Stay well hydrated
    Taking less water means a high concentration of urine increases the risk of kidney stones formation. An individual should drink at least 10 to 12 fluid cups with water consisting half of the amount to ensure you consume 2 liters of per day. People living in dry areas should take more fluids since dehydration is higher in such regions.
  2. Limit sodium
    High intake of sodium increases the amount of calcium in the body. You should avoid taking too much table salt, and processed and fast foods. Besides, make it a habit of checking food labels to assess the amount of sodium.
  3. Cut down on fructose
    Too much fructose in processed foods can cause kidney stones. Thus, you should limit fructose consumption.
  4. Eat more citrus fruits
    Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and melons help in preventing stones development.
  5. Calcium intake
    Adding foods such as yogurt, milk, and cheeses that are rich in calcium in your diet is advisable for the prevention of stones recurrence. High calcium helps in fighting calcium oxalate stones which are most common.
  6. Be active and maintain a healthy weight
    Being physically active fights obesity, a condition which is closely associated with kidney stones. Obesity is also linked to diabetes which encourages stones formation.

Kidney Stones Management

Once you experience kidney stones see you physician for professional advice. Diagnosis of the condition if followed by kidney stone management to get rid of them. Failure to manage the condition may result in serious complications. The type of kidney stone management used depends on the kind of stones, location, and size. Small stones with mild symptoms can be removed by taking plenty of water. Physicians also give pain relievers to ease the pain. Medical therapy is another treatment option. Large stones produce serious symptoms and require more complicated methods. Examples of the methods applied include the use of sound waves to break the stones, ureteroscopy, and surgical removal.

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