How to Cope with Radiation Treatment

It is normal for a patient to feel stressed and anxious while undergoing radiation therapy. At this point, you are ready to fight the disease. However, the best way to fight it is to relax completely. It has been observed that relaxation techniques have long-term benefits even after the therapy stops.

Though cancer takes over your life, the best way to up your defenses is to relax and this helps to push the disease out of your system faster than when you get tensed about the whole affair.

Stress is the Villain

Stress in small doses does not do much harm. Developing stress is normal when life and conditions change unexpectedly. Stress helps the individual to cope with new changes. However, it is not good to have stress in large doses. Long-standing stress does harm to the mental and physical status of the body.  Invasion of the body by cancer is a situation that is hard to cope with. There are too many changes that occur within a short period. These can overwhelm you and individuals take time from denial to acceptance of their present condition. Whereas some get outright angry, others feel totally out of control in their present physical condition.

However, the best way in which you can get into a state of calmness is to deliberately relax your mental status. This also helps you to overcome the initial panic that you may feel. The relaxation helps to reduce the bad physical effects that cancer may have on your person like aches and fatigue of the body.

Tips to Find Inner Peace during Radiation Therapy

  • Breathe Evenly

Simple use of calm and regular breathing can send positive signals to your brain that helps it to come off from the anxiety that it is currently suffering. Even one minute of deep and focussed breathing can bring about reasonable change.

  • Be Active

It is important to keep yourself active with any kind of physical activity. Taking short walks amid your radiation therapy will help you to ward off the sick feelings and beat the stress build-up. However, ensure that you listen to cues from your body keenly to understand what you can do with it during radiation therapy.

  • Engage in a hobby

Whether it is painting or clay modeling, involving yourself in a hobby that you find interesting can lead to positive vibes that help you to cope with stress. You can seek the help of trained art therapists who would help you create art and handle this situation positively.

  • Give in to indulgence

It is the right time to get a massage done or get a spa experience. These help to ease muscle spasms and the tension which accompanies the treatment.

Accept help from your team

That you have to get treatment while managing your other domestic and official responsibilities is a given factor.  Therefore, it makes for a lot of sense to take all the help that your care team offers to you.  Your care team would guide you to resources such as help/support groups and communities that will help you to get over the stresses that you are facing.

You may be required to share your experiences in these groups that will help you to de-stress. These groups will provide you with the feeling that you are not alone.   Take help from the support groups for transportation needs or for taking care of children. Take help from family members and friends whenever required. Sharing your experiences with them allows them to be an active member of your support network and aid in the recovery process.

Cancer Radiation Treatment in Mumbai

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