Common Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

Misconceptions about breast cancer are as prevalent as the common concern it is for a woman.

It is vital to know the facts about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, precaution and preventions. Educating yourself will lead to better understanding & better health. Below are some of the most common misunderstandings about breast cancer

Five Most Common Misconceptions of Breast Cancer

1. The self-examination is an outdated thing

Self-awareness about breast cancer is most important which also includes reporting any alteration in your breast tissue to your general physician. To detect changes in your breast, it is advised to check yourself regularly for breast lumps that may feel hard, preferably a week after your menstruation cycle.

2. Mammograms are no longer required

It is the unanimous opinion among experts that mammograms save lives by early detection and less harmful treatment which leads to an improved survival rate

However low-risk woman may not need mammograms early or as often, but you may think twice to ditch the mammogram as 70percent of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of cancer. It advised consulting your physician to access the risk of breast cancer and need of a mammogram

3. You need an MRI instead of Mammogram

Screening breast cancer through MRI is much more sensitive for early diagnosis, but Breast MRI is not for everyone and does not replace the screening mammogram. A mammogram is the only imaging technology that detects microcalcifications, which may be the early sign of cancer. Mammograms are also better at identifying architectural distortion which are subtle changes in the breast. If you are worried that your family or personal history exposes you to greater risk for breast cancer, consult your physician to see if MRI is right for you

4. Prophylactic mastectomy is the only way to reduce your risk for breast cancer.

Early detection is a key to survive cancer as well as there are several other ways to reduce breast cancer risks such as alcohol consumption and post-menopausal obesity. So it is recommended to maintain ideal body weight and limit your alcohol consumption.

5. Most aggressive breast cancer treatments possible are mandatory

Breast cancer may vary from person to person, which may require different treatment options to cure. With personalized treatment plans, some women can be spared mastectomy or chemotherapy if it will not alter their prognosis. An alternative for traditional therapy of radiation is also available. Consult your oncologist for the best possible treatment plan to achieve positive outcomes

Choosing the Best Breast Cancer Hospital

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