Metastatic cancer: treatment options that you can consider

Do you live in Navi Mumbai? Have you been diagnosed with metastatic cancer? If yes, you might want to know as to which is the best metastatic cancer treatment hospital in Navi Mumbai. Before we go into the details as regards the hospital, let us have some understanding as to what is metastatic cancer, what are its signs and symptoms, and what treatment options are available as of now.

Metastatic cancer is considered as an advanced stage of cancer and is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells. It results in a breach of the affected organ’s basement membrane and spreads to other organs including the lungs, bones, liver, and brain via the blood vessels or the lymph nodes. Among different types of cancers, the high-grade type is considered to be the most aggressive one as it spreads rapidly.

Metastatic Cancer – Signs and Symptoms

 It is not possible to diagnose metastatic cancer by yourself. However, you will be able to recognize the same through some signs and symptoms and depending on the metastatic tumor’s size as well as location.

 If you are finding it difficult to walk and have excessive pain or experience sudden fractures, it may be an indication that it has spread to the bone. If cancer spreads to the brain, you may experience headaches, dizziness, vision problems, and seizures. You will experience shortness of breath once it spreads to your lungs. When it affects your liver, you may have random swelling in your belly or be afflicted with jaundice.

Metastatic Cancer Treatment Options

The protocol followed for treating a normal tumor and metastatic cancer is totally different. It is very difficult to control if metastatic cancer starts spreading. The treatment, therefore, depends on the location of cancer and how far it has spread, your age, and your medical history. Radiation and immunotherapy enable long-term survival in the case of certain metastatic cancers.

 The treatment options available are:

  1. Radiation

Radiation helps to shrink and exercise some control over specific areas to which cancer has spread. It reduces pain, lowers the risk of fractures, decreases bleeding, improves breathing by removing blocks in airways, and takes the pressure off pinched nerves can also cause pain and weakness. The radiation schedule and dosage for metastases are dependent on several factors such as:

  • The urgency of your situation
  • Frequency of radiation
  • Other treatments you are going through

Radiation is considered as an important modality for controlling and sometimes curing brain metastases as it has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and facilitate penetration of drugs into the brain tumors.

2. Surgery

Surgery is generally resorted to only if the metastatic cancer is causing spinal cord compression. If you are experiencing metastatic epidural spinal cord compression, the treatment is direct decompressive surgery and postoperative radiotherapy. This would help you retain and regain your ability to walk for a longer time as compared to those treated only with radiotherapy.

3. Chemotherapy

The response time is the primary benefit offered by chemotherapy and it is very effective in the case of metastatic breast cancer. Tumors shrink faster when subjected to chemotherapy rather than hormone therapy. The second and third drugs can be used if the effectiveness of the first chemotherapy drug reduces and cancer grows again. The use of different types of drugs for treating metastatic breast cancer is referred to as ‘first-line’, ‘second-line’, etc.

4. Immunotherapy

Research carried out for decades on solid tumor immunology has shown that immunotherapy is effective in patients diagnosed with metastatic solid cancers. The adoptive cell transfer of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes that is given to patients following lymphodepletion is the most effective immunotherapy procedure. It has the ability to eradicate tumor burdens in patients having melanoma. This approach has contributed to tumor regression in many cases, except melanoma. However, success depends on identification of high specificity antigens expressed by cancer cells.

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