Melanoma Skin Cancer – 5 Surprising Facts

Dealing with melanoma may seem pretty straightforward in the beginning but many facts need to be uncovered. The best dermatologists at MPCT Hospital, Navi Mumbai, have put together this article to present some surprising facts about this disease and tips on how to prepare and keep your skin healthy and safe.

Five Melanoma Facts –

#1: Melanoma occurs even without sun damage

To prevent melanoma one has to stay safe while under the sun and not use tanning beds. However, this said, it is surprising to note that about 30% of melanoma does not need sun damage or any UV exposure to show up. A person undergoing minimal sun damage can still develop aggressive melanoma. This melanoma includes what occurs on the skin, mouth, eyes and genital areas. Though the underlying cause for these types of melanoma is still not very clear, genetics purportedly plays a major role.

#2: Melanomas necessarily do not occur on pre-existing moles

Though melanomas can occur on pre-existing moles on the skin, more than 70% of melanomas do not follow this rule. A mole rarely transforms into a melanoma. Moles, on their own, are not cancerous. However, for those with several moles, it helps to identify those individuals who are at increased risk for developing cancer anywhere on the skin.

The most surprising fact is that melanomas occur on normal skin many a time and therefore it is of utmost importance for every person to protect their skin from pollution and the harmful sun rays.

#3: Colorless melanoma can occur

Whereas many of the melanomas that occur are black or brown, some others do not have any color and appear as pink bumps. It is a good idea to take note of pink bumps on the skin that appears different from any other mark on the skin. Any spot with different texture or color, shape or border has to be taken note of. If any spot on the skin has shown a considerable amount of change, then it is best that you pay a visit to the doctor.

#4: Melanomas need not be treated immediately

Not all melanomas are aggressive forms of cancer. Many melanomas, if detected early enough, do not require aggressive treatment from the next day onwards. Only some of the melanomas grow very fast. Other types of melanomas give enough time for detection and treatment.

However, it is a good idea to check your skin every month. If any spot on your skin changes color or texture, you should immediately consult a dermatologist. Even if the spot is diagnosed to be a melanoma, there is no need for panic and rush into treatment the very next day. They can take some more time to consult the doctor and understand all the available options.

#5: Melanomas can disappear without any treatment

Melanomas can regress even without any treatment. This happens in individuals who have a strong enough immune system to withstand the attack on the skin. However, it is important to be informed that, in some cases, this may happen only after the disease has spread to internal organs such as the lungs, brain or the bones. Therefore, once melanoma has been diagnosed it is vital to monitor the disease and its extent at frequent regular intervals.

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