Medical Benefits For International Patients In India

India has become one of the largest medical tourism hubs in the world, with numerous people traveling to the country from across continents, to avail favorable medical treatments that have them on the road to recovery with ease. India is known for maintaining the highest standards of quality treatments, while still offering numerous cost benefits, leading to the huge influx of patients seeking varying medical treatments in India. These are the medical benefits for international patients in India.

Benefits in health care for International patients

These are the 7 health benefits that attract international patients to India

Skilled medical experts
India offers high-quality medical education, with many experts having certifications from internationally acclaimed healthcare institutions. They have the skill and expertise required to perform complex surgeries with excellent success rates.

Internationally accredited hospitals
Most reputed hospitals are JCI (Joint Commission International) and JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare) accredited, indicating they comply with international protocols, at par with advanced hospitals in countries across the globe. This ensures high-quality healthcare that meets international standards.

State-of-the-art infrastructure
Hospitals in India have access to advanced medical equipment and cutting-edge technology, which harness precision and safety at every step of the way. This allows the specialist in hospitals to perform complex procedures with positive outcomes.

• Cost-effective treatments
Patients traveling to India from other countries can enjoy the favorable currency exchange rates and cost-effective treatments, which cut their total travel costs in more than half, making medical treatments in India an optimal choice for them. There are also a number of payment plans available for international patients.

Comprehensive services
Many hospitals in India offer end-to-end services to international patients. This includes online consultations, visa assistance, airport pickups and drop-offs, currency exchange, interpretation services, accommodation booking, and much more. This takes away most of the stress of organizing the entire trip, giving patients the opportunity to relax and focus on their treatment, allowing for faster recovery.

Minimal waiting time
The most tedious aspect of treatments is the amount of time spent waiting, which can be tiring. Many Indian hospitals have reduced waiting time for consultations and procedures, owing to the large medical infrastructure. This converses the energy of patients, allowing them to recover soon and remain mentally, and physically fit.

• No language barrier
A major worry of international patients is the language barrier, which can cause difficulties in understanding the treatment plan, making them feel anxious. The staff in acclaimed hospitals in India can easily converse in English, giving you complete clarity on your treatment. Moreover, if you are not comfortable speaking in English, we can arrange interpretation services for you.

There are a number of hospitals in India, which serve as a hotspot for medical tourists. MPCT Hospital is among the leading multi-specialty hospitals in Mumbai, India, providing world-class healthcare to patients from all over. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, our state-of-the-art healthcare center values technological innovation, enabling safe, positive outcomes for each patient. Our industry experts work as a team, consulting on each case using their wealth of experience, providing medical care across a spectrum of disciplines. Get in touch with our healthcare team for an accurate diagnosis and expert treatment under one roof.

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