Does your lifestyle impact your body?

In today’s world, a sedentary life has become increasingly common. People normally categorise a sedentary lifestyle as one where a person lazes around all day, passing time and eating unhealthy food, in actuality, it consists of long hours of sitting, whether at work or home, without much exercise or proper nutrition. In this new light, it’s quite understandable why more than half of the population leads a sedentary lifestyle, with less or no time to make changes. Here is how a change in lifestyle has effects on your body, and how to change lifestyle for good health.

Lifestyle habits that are harming your body

Here are some lifestyle habits that are harming your body in ways you may not even know.

• Insufficient sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause fluctuations in weight and weaken the immune system. This lowers your body’s ability to kill germs and makes you more susceptible to diseases.

• Sitting for long periods

Most people end up sitting for hours at a time, due to their profession, only getting up for short intervals. This makes you put on more weight and also increases the risk of diabetes, cholesterol, and more.

• Excessive use of medication

Always turning to medication each time you fall sick or have a headache is one of the most harmful things to do. Excess consumption of painkillers and antibiotics damages the liver in the long run, and also weakens and suppresses the immune system, making it resistant to various infections.

• Not exercising enough

Working long hours a day may make it difficult to get exercise, especially when you feel quite tired between office hours. However, it’s not just sitting for long periods, but also basic things such as driving short locations when you can walk, that decrease mobility.

• Taking on too much Stress

Too much stress has adverse reactions on your body, such as weakening your immune system, making you eat too less or too much, and more, which in turn causes serious medical conditions.

Lifestyle changes you can make

While it may not be possible to turn your life around in a day, here are some tips to help you get started on your journey to good health.
• Try and take short breaks from sitting at work, and walk around for a few minutes
• Stay hydrated throughout the day and calculate the amount of water you drink
• Don’t reach for medication unless absolutely needed
• Start walking short distances to the grocery store or bank, if you can’t exercise during the day
• Take up a less intensive hobby and give yourself at least half an hour each day, to spend some time alone, just with yourself.

The impact of lifestyle on the body is immense. A healthy lifestyle gives you a healthy body, mind and soul. This allows you to function efficiently, without the stress and demands of work coming in your way. One of the major changes you can make is to go for regular medical checkups. MPCT hospital offers numerous healthcare packages at an affordable rate, allowing maximum people to get their health evaluated and catch any conditions early on, allowing for the highest quality of preventative medicine. Book a healthcare check-up package, today.

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