What is the more important factor for weight loss; diet or exercise?

Most people on a spree to lose weight wonder if diet or exercise will get them to their desired weight and size. However, weight loss is a combination of both, diet, as well as exercise, with an optimal ratio being 75% diet and 25% exercise. With today’s crash diets and intensive exercise regimes, people may often see initial results but often go back to their previous weight due to being unable to keep up with a rigorous lifestyle. Instead, most specialists and doctors advise that following a lifestyle that values both lifestyle and exercise, will still keeping some leeway, allow people to maintain good body weight and remain healthy.

Why do diet and exercise go hand in hand?

The best weight loss treatment is an ideal blend of exercise and diet, which yield better results:

Losing weight from the right places
Diet strips away weight from the entire body, also taking away a large portion of muscle mass and bone density in the process. Weight training exercises, on the other hand, can target certain trouble areas, and help burn fat. However, you still need a good ratio of cardio and weight training exercises for optimal weight loss.

Long term fitness goals
Solely the following diet or exercise only helps with short term weight goals. You may feel the weight slipping off easily in the first few weeks, but it comes back on soon after. For the best results to keep you maintaining the weight you shed off, exercising and eating smart is the way to go.

Health Perks
Eating the right food provides you with the daily nutrition you need, keeping your body healthy. However, regular exercise is just as important, and builds immunity, keeping a number of health conditions at bay. An optimal blend of diet and exercise also helps promote a better sleep pattern that keeps you energized throughout the day.

Better mental health
When it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety, a good diet has often proved to have good effects on making you feel light and airy. Though, a few cheat meals can definitely be excused. Exercise also helps in releasing pent up tension, making you feel lighter. However, there’s no doubt that going for a run or gym session can actually help you deal with stress and make you feel happier.

Allows for compensation
If you follow just one method of weight loss; diet or exercise, you are more likely to feel restricted, with anger and depression kicking in the days you miss out on your regime. On the other hand, following a nutritious diet and exercise regime still gives you the opportunity to compensate on days you may slack off. After all, we are human.

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