Reasons to See an Endocrinologist for Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with a hormonal condition such as diabetes or thyroid, you might be advised by your doctor to consult an endocrinologist. This might make you wonder as to why you should meet the specialist. Read on to know more as to what kind of support an endocrinologist can provide when you are diagnosed with one of these medical conditions.

Endocrinologists are true specialists

An endocrinologist specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions caused by changes in hormone levels in your body. If conventional treatments are not as effective as expected, he/she will know what to do next. Unlike family doctors and general practitioners, endocrinologists learn about hormones and diseases such as thyroid and diabetes in greater depth. As such, they will be in a better position to treat diabetes. Typically, general practitioners diagnose and provide treatment for basic diabetes. However, a specialist’s help will often be needed.

Endocrinologists help non-traditional patients

In the case of some patients, diabetes progresses as mentioned in textbooks. Standard treatments work for them and they will be able to manage their blood sugar levels through oral medications and/or injections with minimal or no disruption to their daily life.

For some others, conventional treatments don’t work even though they religiously follow directions. An endocrinologist might be able to explore better treatment avenues in the case of such patients. Some patients might need unique diabetic care because their hormonal condition may be affected by other health conditions. This is because they might have a genetic condition such as cystic fibrosis. This can impact the way patients’ bodies respond to treatments.

Patients for whom traditional treatments work might benefit much by visiting an endocrinologist. Meeting an endocrinologist might be of great help to patients belonging to the latter categories.

Endocrinologists will be aware of the latest treatments

Knowledge and understanding as regards diseases caused by hormonal changes are constantly changing. An endocrinologist will keep himself/herself updated on such changes and latest treatments recommended by experts and researchers. This means that patients who choose to consult with an endocrinologist will be in a better position to take advantage of the latest and most innovative treatments.

Endocrinologists work with primary care doctors

When you start visiting an endocrinologist, you don’t have to stop seeing the doctor that provides primary care to you. If you are struggling to manage your blood sugar levels, consulting with an endocrinologist will bring in a new dimension to your treatment.

Diabetes management & treatment in Mumbai

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should aim for proper management of the condition. An endocrinologist will be able to do this better than any other specialist. MPCT Hospital is one of the top hospitals for diabetic care in Mumbai. This hospital boasts of having the best endocrinologist in Mumbai on its rolls and he is well known for the compassionate and comprehensive diabetic care he provides. Call us and fix an appointment with MPCT’s diabetic care team and get the right treatment for your condition.

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