Do Hernias Always Need to Be Treated?

The term hernias refer to holes that allow organs to poke through them when they should not. As an example, Hiatal hernias refer to holes in the abdominal wall at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach.  This type of hernia can result in heartburn and acid reflux. If the hernia causes only mild discomfort, physicians usually treat this condition with just medications.

Serious hiatal (paraesophageal) hernias grow with time and the stomach soon starts pushing into the chest through the holes. Usually, the symptoms of this condition include bleeding, chest pain after eating food and weight loss. Surgery is imminent in these cases. If you have been diagnosed with a hernia and it is causing discomfort, you must speak to your doctor about it at the earliest. The best outcomes for hernia are usually after first-time surgery.  

Importance of First-Time surgery for Hernia

Firstly, the surgeon is not happy if the first attempt is unsuccessful. It is worse for the patient whose quality of life is still deteriorated and symptoms linger. The second-time surgery for an operated hernia runs the risks of bringing upon recurrent heartburn, nerve damage, uncomfortable bowel symptoms and difficulty in swallowing for the patient.

Therefore, when a patient is detected with a hernia, they must associate with an experienced surgeon for curing the symptoms at the earliest. These situations turn particularly complex in older patients.

If you reach the opinion where you need hernia surgery, it’s essential to go to a comprehensive multispecialty hospital to get the best hernia treatment in Mumbai. With expertise in both minimally invasive hernia surgery and large comprehensive surgery, an MPCT hospital helps ensure the operation is done right the first time.

Minimally invasive surgery has improved so much in that patients can go home within a couple of days instead of one or 10 days in the earlier times.

Hernia – Causes

The causes of hernias are not exactly known. However, a weakness on the wall or an injury or strain on the wall may cause a hernia. Two other types of hernias are known to occur in older people but not in younger individuals.

Inguinal hernias in the groin area are more common in men and occur due to lifting heavy weights and sometimes due to constipation. They can also be caused due to issues of the prostate gland that cause difficulty in urination or cause an increase in abdominal pressure. These hernias are painful and cause immense discomfort. This kind of hernias cannot be prevented. In fact, not lifting heavy weights does not work to prevent such hernias.

If you notice a bulge in the groin area, it is important to see a doctor right away. If there is a hole in the area, it will never disappear. These holes can be fixed using minimally invasive surgery. This makes for less post-op pain and reduced recovery periods.

Ventral abdominal hernias also show out like a bulge and are painful. These most commonly occur in diabetics and those who are obese. It is also commonly seen in chronic smokers. There is no way you can prevent this type of hernia. However, keeping good health and sticking to good habits can prevent complications. Once hernias occur, they cannot go away on their own.

Surgeons can opt to either reconstruct the abdominal wall with a comprehensive surgery or choose laparoscopic hernia surgeries. The latter gives better outcomes in that the core muscles are kept intact and allows for better cosmetics because the patient ends up with a flat stomach.

MPCT Hospital Navi Mumbai

If you are looking out to get a hernia surgery in Mumbai, you must visit the hospital that provides the best hernia treatment in Mumbai. MPCT Hospital in Mumbai has expert doctors in both minimally invasive and comprehensive hernia surgeries and they will ensure that the first-time surgeries for hernias are successful.

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