Why you should consider Chemotherapy Treatment in India?

As far as a cancer treatment is concerned, India has hospitals that are equipped with the latest technology to treat this scourge. Cancer hospitals in India offer all kinds of treatment to make cancer patients’ life as normal as possible. The top hospitals for chemotherapy in India offer excellent primary care for the disease. Many of these offer free treatment for up to 70 percent of cancer patients.

The treatment for cancer patients in India is so popular that it has become an option worth considering for foreign patients who travel to India to get cancer treatment at reasonable rates using sophisticated technology. These hospitals also make it easy for poor patients by providing attractive treatment discounts for them.

Best hospitals for cancer treatment in India offer the latest methods in radiological imaging such as MRI, CT scan, PET scan and real-time nuclear medicine scanning at reasonable rates. This is one major reason why foreign cancer patients prefer to get chemotherapy treatment in India.

In addition to these, the best cancer hospitals in India conduct the latest surgeries for various types of cancer are conducted for both local and foreign patients. These hospitals aim to provide the most precise treatment, flexible treatment, faster delivery of treatment, high levels of comfort during treatment for the patient, flexible treatment schedule and good comfort levels during the treatment. Many of these facilities in hospitals also have pediatric oncology and thyroid departments for treatment of affected children.

Chemotherapy Cost in India

Everyone knows that the cost of cancer treatment is high in some countries of the world. This is why some foreign cancer patients look at India as a favorable destination to get affordable but effective treatment for cancer. India has a number of cancer patients coming from countries such as Sri Lanka, the USA, the UK, Africa, UAE, and Mauritius.

In case you are a cancer patient looking to get chemotherapy treatment for cancer, it is important to understand that it is expensive. Therefore you have to plan your expenditure well in advance. The chemotherapy cost depends on the dosage amount of the medicine, the type of drug that is used. If cancer has been detected at an early stage in the patient, the treatment costs are likely to be lower. If the stage is advanced, the treatment is likely to be more expensive. It is also vital to note that treatment is different for every individual. It is dependent on the health condition of the patient, his/her age and medical history.

The cost of chemotherapy also differs according to the city in which the patient receives the treatment. The total cost is the sum of individual costs such as the cost of diagnostic tests, the fee of the doctor, hospital room costs, the infrastructure of the hospital, follow-up costs, surgeon’s fee, etc. Other cost factors that add up are the type of surgery for cancer, radiation therapy advised and the drugs used for treatment.

MPCT Hospital – Best Cancer Hospital in India

The Cancer Institute at MPCT Hospital in Navi Mumbai is undoubtedly the best in the country. We provide comprehensive treatment for patients suffering from different types of cancer. We have specialists that are both experienced and dedicated and the best diagnostic equipment including the latest technology imaging methods. We provide cancer care treatment at the most competitive rates and this has made us a favorite among both local and foreign patients.

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