Why Cancer Treatment in Mumbai is Sought After

Cancer – A word that inspires terror and shock in the hearts of any human being.  A disease claiming thousands of people across the globe. When not diagnosed at the right time, Cancer can wreak havoc on the lives of patients and their families, ultimately snatching a life and destroying finances and lives of family members. Patients in India have always preferred overseas cancer treatment when they can afford it; their reasoning being the availability of more doctors and amenities, and a cleaner environment abroad. However, many patients, today, prefer cancer diagnostic center in Mumbai over going abroad.

Here is why:

Mumbai at par with overseas cancer treatment

One of the biggest misconceptions most people have is that cancer treatment in India is inferior to the one available in abroad countries like USA, UK, and Germany. However, the unacknowledged truth is that India is on par with treatments overseas. We have one of the best PET CT scan centers in Mumbai that is as efficient as overseas diagnostic centers in the diagnosis and location of cancer cells in patients. Cancer survivors like director Anurag Basu, who has attended several cancer conferences and seminars abroad, stand firm on the quality of treatment in the country with several specialized and renowned doctors praising the work done in India.

Cancer treatment in India is cheaper

It is not news that Cancer is a disease that saturates both the health and wealth of a patient. No matter where you go for treatment, hospital bills will be through the roof. However, comparatively, the best cancer hospital in Mumbai charges patients lesser than most hospitals abroad. Not just Mumbai, but also across India, some hospitals provide treatments at discounted prices; making it affordable than overseas treatments. Where a simple consultation in the USA costs around $ 10,000, a cancer diagnostic center in India charges just a fraction of the cost, and entire cancer treatment can be covered under the sum in India.

The support system of home

Cancer is emotionally taxing on everyone involved, especially the patients. As such, they require all the support and care they could get. While overseas treatments may offer comfort, support is something only family member can provide. This is also something that makes most NRIs and foreign residents of Indian origin choose to seek treatment at the best cancer hospital in Mumbai, for they have family here to take care of them. Moreover, the support staff in hospitals in India are friendly and happy to assist patients with difficulty to move about, making the country a viable option for cancer treatments.


Cancer is a personal, familial, and financial tragedy for any patient in the world. Having access to quality treatments can make the difference between survival and death. India has proven itself, over the years, to be one of the finest countries to seek cancer treatments with the best cancer hospital in Mumbai and other cities spread across the country. It is a combination of affordability, high-quality treatment, and the able support system available here that makes Mumbai a viable option to seek cancer treatments. 

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