Understanding Your Cancer Diagnosis

Life moves on at different places at different times for anyone: sometimes like a sprint and at other times like a marathon. However, one can hope to get closer to a healthy lifestyle by undergoing a cancer screening procedure at some point in time. There are a few facts briefly detailed below that you should know regarding Cancer Diagnosis & Screening Tests.

Notice Changes in your Body

Awareness of your body is important to notice changes when they occur. If cancer is detected early there is a good chance that it can be completely treated. It is good to check for any changes in your body. Though the bodily changes may not be serious after all, it is a good idea to examine and establish that the changes (feelings or physical) are safe indeed.

Cancer Screening Tests – What Are They

These are tests that help to detect some types of cancer before you have any symptoms. These tests are mandatory even if you currently feel healthy and are leading a good lifestyle. These tests are these days part of preventive health care.

If you are of a specific age or belong to a specific population group, these screening tests help to detect breast, cervical or colorectal cancers at a very early stage. These help to spot changes that could later lead on to cancer.

Should I Get Screened?

Ensure that you tell the doctor your family history of cancer. If your family members have a history of cancer occurrence, you may be at risk of contracting certain types of cancer. You may either have to undergo a test at a younger age or even have a different test than normal.

Good Screening Test – Characteristics

No screening test gives 100% accurate results. However, a test screening test of good quality will reduce the mortality rates for those who go on develop the cancer being screened for. Screening allows for improved life quality and less intensive treatment for cancer if spotted early.

The uses of diagnostic tests are as follows:

  • Detect and confirm the presence of cancer, its type, and the site where it first started
  • Confirm the grade of the cancer
  • Determine the stage of the disease
  • Monitor response to treatment
  • Find out if there has been a relapse of the disease

Types of Exams to Confirm Cancer Occurrence

  • Laboratory Tests: These are used to measure levels of chemical substances in body fluids such as blood, urine, etc. The results provide information on how individual organs are functioning. However, these results are not taken as a final diagnosis.
  • Imaging tests: These tests scan the organs on the inside of the body and produce these images. These can help to detect the presence of a tumor or other abnormalities. Some of the imaging tests used to detect the presence of cancer are MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, and X-rays among others.
  • Biopsies: This is the procedure employed to remove sample cells from the body and examine them under a microscope to detect the presence of cancer.

Conducting different tests for the purpose of ascertaining the presence of cancer is a long drawn out process. However, it is best that the required tests are done to rule out any adverse possibility.

Are Regular Cancer Screening Tests Necessary?

Any test procedure has both benefits and limitations and it is important to be aware of all of them. However, knowing the benefits of screening tests to find out the occurrence of cancer cervical, breast and colorectal) early in terms of treatments and its effects clear outweigh any disadvantages of conducting these exams.

MPCT Hospital – Best Cancer Screening Hospital in Mumbai

With cancer ranking as one of the most dreaded diseases to inflict mankind, MPCT hospital provides a hope for patients to beat the scourge. Many patients that have come to us have successfully beat cancer and left our premises as healthy individuals. Our team of expert oncologists and cancer surgeons combine surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy to treat affected patients. Our range of sophisticated cancer screening equipment and the team of expert doctors have together made MPCT hospital the Best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai.

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