7 Questions to Ask your Cancer Hospital Overseas

Cancer is a very serious and sensitive disease that requires specialized treatment. Often, you are required to seek medication abroad. It is important that you choose the Best Cancer Hospital Overseas. However, there are very various factors to consider while doing this. A thorough analysis of the cancer hospital abroad that suits you best should be done.

Below are important questions to ask your cancer hospital overseas:

  1. Can I get the pre-consultation before I travel?
    Cancer treatment is very sensitive. Hence it is vital that you get a pre-consultation. The best cancer hospital abroad should have these services. A pre-consultation prepares you psychologically for the treatment. This builds confidence in you. It is through a pre-consultation, that you are able to brief the doctor (Oncologist). This establishes the foundation of your treatment. You get to familiarize yourself with the oncologist prior to meeting in person.
  2. What specialties & expertise the hospital has?
    The treatment of cancer requires a very high level of professionalism and qualification. When you choose to get Cancer treatment in India, you won’t be disappointed. Depending on the nature of your cancer, it’s good to establish the services offered. India has various Cancer treatment centers. Each one of these has highly trained personnel. A big investment has been made on medical facilities for cancer patients. With such knowledge, nothing should hold you back from seeking the treatment.
  3. What is the cost of treatment and which health insurances are accepted at the hospital?
    It is very expensive to treat Cancer. However, seeking treatment abroad is cheaper. It is therefore important that you found the cost you will incur. A good cancer treatment facility should have favorable means and terms of payment. You should be keen to ensure that, your health insurance policy is accepted in the facility. Other than this, the declared cost should be friendly with your pocket.
  4. Do you provide travel and accommodation assistance for international Patients?
    A good cancer hospital overseas should provide this assistance. It is obvious that with you being a foreigner, your mobility would be limited. International patients should be given the privilege of being assisted. The cancer treatment facility should facilitate for your accommodation and travel. This is because Cancer treatment is a prolonged process.
  5. What will be the duration of treatment & tentative stay?
    Time spent on Cancer treatment varies from one patient to another. This is mainly attributed to the nature and stage of cancer. A cancer facility should be able to give precise information on the duration of treatment. This will necessitate your budget calculation. The longer your overseas stay, the more money you are likely going to spend. Also, it is necessary to know the duration so as to embark on your usual daily activities on time.
  6. Do you have the facility of a language translator?
    The language barrier might pose a big challenge to effective communication. When seeking a good hospital for the treatment, it is advisable that you consider this question. A good hospital should offer the service of a language translator. This is because your doctor may not be able to speak the same language as yours. It is through this that the doctor is able to evaluate your problem and treat accordingly.
  7. What facilities do you offer to international patients?
    International patients should be given support facilities. This may include follow up treatment. The best cancer treatment hospital should give you such services. Assistance In holiday planning should be offered. As a patient, you should have time to engage in other activities to reduce the stress of your treatment. This will help to break the monopoly of treatment. It will also help you appreciate taking your treatment abroad.

At MPCT Hospital, we recognize that medical treatments can be psychologically and physically demanding for patients, especially those traveling across countries. Hence, we make sure that your trip is made the least stressful, by mapping out your entire cancer treatment process, so you are prepared at all times. Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible, so you can return to your country, hale and hearty, with a smile on your face.

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